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Dr. Nina Hasiwa (PhD)


Since 01/2011 CEO and Managing Director of AtaX-Advice

· Scientific Services: Project Management, Workshop Reports, Scientific Publications, Homepages, Workshop Organization, Reporting, Chairing

Since 01/2011 Scientific Officer CAAT-Europe, Konstanz 

· Scientific Publications, Workshops, Reports, Project Management

Since 12/2011 Scientific Freelancer for syneed medidata GmbH

· Drug Safety, Pharmacovigilance, Medical Communication


12/2006 – 11/2009 Scientific Officer for the European Commission (EC), Joint Research Centre (JRC), Institute for Health and Consumer Protection (IHCP), In-vitro Methods, Reproductive Toxicity

· Development of ‘in vitro’ methods used for toxicological substance testing of drugs based on human embryonic stem cells and the ethical background embryonic stem cells

· Participation and responsibility in various European projects, including meetings and workshops preparation and participation, reporting

· Advisory role in European Projects for the development and the validation process of alternative methods for pre-clinical toxicity testing

· Strong interest in the area of toxicity testing, pharmaceuticals, the drug developmental process and medicine

12/2003 – 11/2006 Scientific Officer for the European Commission (EC), JRC, IHCP, ECVAM (European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods), in Cooperation with the group “Nanobiotechnology”

· 10/2006 Dissertation

· Development of ”in vitro” methods in cooperation with the physical-chemical unit (acquirement of inter-disciplinary knowledge)

· Advisory role to apply physical-chemical methods and nanotechnology to biological and medical           applications

10/2002 – 11/2003 PhD student at the University of Konstanz at the Chair of Biochemical Pharmacology

10/1995 – 09/2002 Biology studies at the University of Konstanz


Technical skills

· Various cell lines (human and murine embryonic stem cells, fibroblasts, endothelial cells, neurons), maintenance and the set up of experiments used for substance testing in toxicology

· Project initiation, planning and the implementation in cooperation-based networks as focal point in between biology, chemistry and physics in the frame of European projects

· Supervision of students and technicians, practical and theoretical

· Inter-disciplinary knowledge in the drug developmental process, pre-clinical toxicology of drugs, REACH, Cosmetics and the related guidelines, biology, immunology, plasma physics, surface chemistry plus characterization and human embryonic stem cells

· Expertise in the validation and development of toxicity testing methods including the requirements and guidelines (e.g. ICH, OECD, REACH)

· Organization of workshops und meetings including chairmanship, minutes and final report

· Set-up of literature databases, getting familiar with related topics and commenting in form of reports





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